Big Big World is a Non-Profit Organization created for the advancement of better education, the prevention of cruelty to children, and the success of charitable causes.




Cruelty to Children

Cruelty to Children

Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving

Our mission is to aid in the building and maintenance of Community Churches, the expansion of educational facilities, and to provide charitable aid to orphaned and abandoned children.


As a Christian humanitarian organization, our first goal is to maintain our Community Churches and help them thrive. We provide outreach services to the community around the congregation and seek to expand opportunities for the support of missions and ministry in the communities. We want to provide a chance to experience and share God’s love in a whole new way through local churches.


Big Big World supports scholarships which are for assistance with the many expenses that a quality education can create. We believe that education is vital to a lasting and positive life after childhood. Big Big World is committed to supporting the most marginalized children and youths who are urgently in need of a good education. Beginning in the year 2008, Big Big World spreads its efforts to assist the education needs of those in need to the African continent.


We are committed to aiding and providing for the loving care of children who've been abandoned, orphaned, abused and exploited or have endured other tragedies. Our endowment fund is committed to providing the children we support with a sense of safety and hope for the future.


We believe the local church is one of the primary tools for the completing of God's work in the world today. The support we provide to churches also helps to spread the word about our services so that we become a known community resource and can then further aid the community. We are committed to raising the high school graduation rate and helping all students graduate as strong citizens ready for college and a successful work life. It's almost impossible to comprehend the suffering exploited and abused children experience around the world. Starting in 2008 Big Big World’s founder, JW Gabriel, donated a large amount to aid African children whose families face big struggles with poverty, famine, and lack of opportunities. Big Big World seeks to address those needs. We also aid donors in creating grants and nonprofit organizations in the charitable sector. Our services help make charitable giving simple and more effective.

I have passionately pursued and discovered a way to help the people of the African continent by assisting with the education if it's children. My goal is to meet the education needs of the orphaned and abandoned and give them a chance to lead fulfilling and successful lives.

JW Gabriel ~ April 1 2008 ~

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Big Big World carries on activities that are primarily for the benefit of the public. It is an independent nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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